Partnering with you to achieve your marketing goals!

We can serve as your entire marketing arm including strategy and implementation or we can even report to your existing Marketing Director and provide them the implementation power they need to get the job done.

Every marketing conversation begins and ends with your goals. What are they and how will we partner with you to accomplish them?

We believe in partnering with our clients to develop the most effective marketing campaigns we can. When we come on board, it’s as a partner, like their very own marketing department (with a very orange office!).

We work with your team to identify the most effective marketing opportunities to target your ideal audience; multiplying the impact your brand has and driving results while staying on budget! And it’s never a “set it and forget it” approach as we continually adapt and evolve your marketing efforts purposefully.

And it doesn’t stop there! Gaining in-depth insight into traffic numbers and behaviors is critical to any campaign success. That’s why we obsess over analytics as part of our marketing cycle. Using our methodology, The Results-Driven Marketing Cycle℠, we create a thorough strategic plan for every campaign.

Below are some of our favorite channels. Part of our process involves choosing the marketing channels with the most opportunity to accomplish your unique goals. After all, you are awesome at what you do… it’s time the world knows!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization improves your website’s organic search engine ranking for keywords your target audience is searching for. Keep your website relevant and ranking competitively in an ever changing SEO world. Come up before you competitors in the SERPs when your target prospect Googles the relevant keywords that matter the most for your organization.

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Search Engine Optimization

Paid Search (SEM/PPC)

Paid search campaigns focus on targeting ads to searchers using specific search phrases. This channel typically starts with Google Adwords and targets users showing specific intent to take the actions you want them to. This channel implements quickly and is very measurable.

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Paid Search

Display & Retargeting (SEM/PPC)

Display and Retargeting are support channels. Display ads target demographics and interests on various websites across the web and retargeting campaigns are designed to re-engage users who have already showed interest in your brand. These channels implement quickly, are typically implemented in support of other channels and are very measurable.

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Display & Retargeting

Social Media Marketing

Your social media presence establishes a relationship with your customer-base driving brand engagement. It also serves as a platform for content distribution, creative advertising, retargeting and collecting reviews. Social media is where the consumer lives… so it’s a great place to build engagement.

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Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Your content strategy can stand alone (ie: blogging, video, email, automation) or it can play a supportive role in other channels. How you distribute this content is a key element to the success of your marketing efforts! Our team works to create a strategy that drives engagement and leads.

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Content Marketing

Local Marketing

Our Local Marketing Packages are designed to create a powerful foundation for all of your marketing and sales efforts going forward. By providing a myriad of services designed to work together and to be implemented at specific times in the marketing calendar our team helps yours to create a strong brand presence over time.

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Local Marketing

Email Automation & CRM

Marketing automation not only allows you to setup custom email automation rules for leads nurture or onboarding sequences, but it also allows the ability to track visitors before you even know their name; connecting the dots so you know where they have been and how they’ve interacted with your brand. Our system allows us to track prospects throughout the entire conversion process with an advanced CRM system as well.

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Email Automation & CRM

Reputation Management

Your reputation online is not only incredibly valuable, but it is also incredibly fragile. Our team provides various options to monitor and protect your online reputation as well as determine strategies to repair any existing damage. Additionally, Review Guardian (a proprietary system we developed in-house) helps to protect against negative reviews and increase customer satisfaction.

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Reputation Management

Marketing Partner

Our retainer offering provides a monthly set of hours to use in various supportive marketing tasks and services ranging from design to consulting to website updates to marketing services. Our retainers are perfect for the company looking for support in various areas or to hire their own “marketing department”.

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Marketing Retainers

Marketing Audits

Not sure where you stand with your current marketing? Our team has created an audit process to review and evaluate existing marketing campaigns, pulling out key areas for improvement. It is a comprehensive audit that results in a full actionable audit results report that our team can then help you implement.

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Marketing Audits

You and your professional staff at RPS took the time to learn about who Buena Vida was as a company and what Buena Vida offers the customer. You have helped us design a Website that impacts our total marketing effort. Our new website brands Buena Vida Estates as the leader in Continuing Care Retirement Communities in the market place. In addition, we are now able to analytically measure the ROI of the website against sales and our other marketing efforts.

Doreen Boudreau
Buena Vida Estates

Rock Paper Simple did a fantastic job at helping our new business find it’s feet. From creating a brand identity booklet that has become invaluable to us, to building an awesome, fun, functional website- we’re very pleased with the outcome. Moreover, we thoroughly enjoyed working with the Rock Paper Simple team. Within moments of meeting with Joshua, Scott, and Stephanie, the ideas were flowing, and we were excited! Rock Paper Simple were recommended to us by a friend, and we would recommend their services to our friends any day of the week! Thanks guys!

Frankie & Lois Pawley
Adventure HQ

SD has retained Rock Paper Simple to handle website design and development of our corporate and e-commerce websites, and SEO/SEM campaign monitoring, analysis and reporting. Because of their attention to detail and expertise, we have also contracted them to do additional projects. From the first time we met Joshua, we were convinced that he and his team had the experience and knowledge of technology to manage our account.

Kalina Subido-Person
Satcom Direct

Rock Paper Simple did an outstanding job of understanding our business and portraying a complete picture of our capabilities, in a clean and modern look, including some of the latest web page features available. I would highly recommend turning to the RPS team for any of your web needs.

Chris Sorensen
Sorensen Moving and Storage
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