A wise person once said “accolades are awesome” … okay, maybe no one said that verbatim. But seriously, who doesn’t like a little recognition every now and then?

At Rock Paper Simple we are focused on our clients and helping them achieve their goals, so much that we don’t often pause to give ourselves a pat on the back. This past week the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce recognized Rock Paper Simple as the 2018 Small Business Champion award winner. And it feels great, not because we like applause but because of the depth this award represents.


“The enemy of great is good” … someone famous really did say that one. But it’s true. Rock Paper Simple wants to achieve greatness for our clients and stopping at good closes the door to greatness. We are constantly adapting and improving, and it’s intentional.

Impact on Our Community

Our desire to see Brevard County be its best is not a secret. It’s why our core values include Community. Giving back isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s our responsibility. It sounds cliché, but it’s what we truly believe.

The Team Component

RPS is better together. Period. The element of Teamwork is another RPS core value and it’s rare to have an encounter or meeting with just one of the RPS team – we travel in packs. We bring out the best in each other and it shows in our efforts and output.

Our Corporate Culture

It’s okay to say it because we know you’re thinking it… We’re Awesome.  We know. But we don’t say that out of arrogance, but instead out of knowing we are subject-area experts using our talents and abilities for the betterment of businesses and society. And, don’t worry, we only use our powers for good.

Fifteen other businesses were in the running in our same category – great small businesses with similar goals to serve clients and do good in the community. As they say, it was an honor just to be nominated (okay, that was kind of cliché.)

Basically, this award is a pat on the back for the hard work, the late nights and early mornings, the determination to not stop at “good enough” on behalf of our clients. We would be remiss (that’s a fancy way of saying careless) if we didn’t thank the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce for the award and our clients and our community who have supported us along this adventure. This recognition honors who we are and what we have built, and we are extremely humbled by the acknowledgement.

Published On: September 19, 2018By