Space Coast Economic Development Commission Logo

The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast is an innovative, countywide, not-for-profit partnership between the Brevard County Commission and the Space Coast business community. Business leaders, chambers of commerce, local and state government leaders, and community organizations contribute to the overall mission of the EDC.

The Space Coast Economic Development Commission is the leading force in driving business and economic growth on the Space Coast. The EDC’s “Space Coast Salutes” campaign was created to build community awareness and show appreciation for the economic impact and community values that military, civilian and veterans bring to the Space Coast. 

The Economic Development Commission of Florida Space Coast, a community coalition, is all about developing the economic health of Brevard County. They serve to bring new businesses here as well as help those already here to expand and grow. With our love for our community, this was a perfect alignment! We were pleased to be selected to build a fresh, engaging and attractive new website to replace the dated one they had in place. We were asked to work with them not only in developing an image and design that well-represented the organization and local area, but also to recraft the core messaging, along with their team, that presented Brevard County and the EDC’s mission in the best light, without going creating so much content that visitors would not engage with it. We are proud to work with the EDC on this and other campaign initiatives.