Skyhawk Logo

Skyhawk Aviation Group works as a team with a passion for excellence and great communication. With access to 14 million parts and advanced knowledge in the aerospace industry they are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and fast delivery to ensure a long-term partnership with all of their customers as their supply-chain partner.

When approached with the question of if we could create a searchable and indexable database of over 14 million parts essential to defense and technology, our answer was a resounding YES! The marketing site was developed to integrate directly with a custom developed database and search system. The robust Skyhawk Aviation website is clean, easy to navigate, and provides users with immediate parts inventory, industry news, and support.

As a supply chain partner for defense and tech companies, it was essential the logo capture the strength and dependability of the brand. The hawk resembles a plane shape with shadows under the wings to reflect rudders common to airplanes. A strong font with sharp edges to conveys the modern, high-tech feel of their business and balances toughness with familiarity.