Port Canaveral Transit Logo

Michael got his start as a driver in the ’70s. He began as an airport transportation driver and later work in trucking and freight driving before beginning his exciting role as a tour bus driver for some for some of the biggest rock stars of all time. Michael founded Port Canaveral Transit with the goal of providing worry-free, easy, and comfortable rides for cruise travelers out of the Port Canaveral and Orlando areas.

Port Canaveral Transit owner, Mike Horan, has spent his life on the road as a long haul trucker and rock star tour bus driver. Working toward a plan for his future which would allow him to work locally, Mike decided to open a transportation company geared toward tourism in and out of Port Canaveral and thus, Port Canaveral Transit was born! Mike visited with RPS to begin building his brand with a logo and subsequently decided to go all in with a website! 

The RPS team worked to bring Port Canaveral Transit to life with fun, relaxing, and beachy vibes through color and abstract waves which can be found throughout his logo and website designs. The team worked with Fare Harbor for Port Canaveral Transit’s booking integration which could not have gone any smoother. We are committed to finding simple solutions for our clients and giving them a platform that provides ease of use to both them and their customer. Be sure to catch a ride with Mike on your next trip!