Groundswell Logo

In June 2016, Groundswell was founded by three serial entrepreneurs and Space Coast natives, eager to see greater startup activity in the area. For a little over a year, they brought together technologists, entrepreneurs and innovators at any coffee shop, restaurant or office space that would let us borrow a table. Today – Groundswell lives in a skatepark-turned-coworking-space, hosting more than 30 events per year and continuing our mission of building a place where Space Coast innovators can build, grow and thrive.

The video we created for Groundswell needed to reflect the modern, innovative culture within the organization as well as the ability to hear about the stories and experiences from the members of the Groundswell community. In order to do this, we created several pieces of collateral including an Overview video of various links, banner assets, and a series of Groundswell testimonial stories.