Carroll Distributing Company Logo

Locally focused, family-owned and operated, Carroll Distributing has eagerly served its community since 1960. What began as a small warehouse off US1 has evolved into a 165,000-square-foot facility on Chad Carroll Way in Melbourne, Florida allowing Carroll Distributing to act as the premiere distributor for Brevard County. Carroll Distributing is committed to serving the local community through advocating for responsible alcoholic beverage consumption, education, event support and the arts.

Carroll Distributing Company, an Anheuser-Busch distributor, has deep roots in Brevard County and are known for their immense community involvement throughout the Space Coast. Working closely with this family owned and operated business, a logo incorporating elements that spoke both of Carroll’s connection to the beverage industry and love for the Space Coast was born.

Hand drawn elements were incorporated into Carroll’s extensive history through an engaging timeline to show the birth of the company and its evolution over time. Also incorporate, was a catalogue system so that potential customers can see the selection and different categories that Carroll has to offer.