Canaveral Cruises 1

The Canaveral Cruises 1 can seat 150 passengers while cruising along the beautiful waters of Port Canaveral. Hop on and experience the 2-Hour Wildlife Tour & Cruise Ship Departure Cruise or private event at 8-10 knots full speed. Chill out in our air-conditioned lounge and party rooms, or get outdoorsy on our fully-walkable outer decks in the beautiful Floridian weather.

This beautiful website was designed around the boat that is Canaveral Cruises 1 and the experience around it. Core to the site is the integrated booking engine, tied to the calendar system. It allows online registration, variable ticket pricing, bulk discounts, special promotions, data analytics, passenger rosters, merchant processing and more! The website is not only beautiful, but is fully responsive.

View the live site here!
Rock Paper Simple Portfolio
Rock Paper Simple Portfolio

For Canaveral Cruises 1, our core focus has been social media. Over the course of just a few months, we were able to double their social media following, using boosted posts on Facebook directed toward specialty cruises, followed by invitations for those who engaged with the cruises to like the page. The results were sold out cruises, and consistent engagement on posts.

Rock Paper Simple Portfolio
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