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Imagine if every day your technology just worked. If it was simple and elegantly designed around your needs. Imagine if you were confident in your security, and you knew you could come in every day and things were rock solid stable. Imagine the confidence of knowing when you have a question, you have the best service team in the industry ready to help. That’s Hassle Free IT. That’s Advantage 360.

Advantage Technologies has a very strong offering that can sometimes be difficult to communicate. The challenge of this website was to present that message in a way that was easily digestible and connected with potential prospects quickly and drove them to request an OTA or more information. The video component of the site was important to capture interest and build trust. The video testimonials were shot all over the country.

One of the unique functionalities of the site is it's ability to detect users incoming from industry specific campaigns and dynamically adjust the menu and home page information based on which campaign the user came from.

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Rock Paper Simple Portfolio

The Advantage Technologies logo is an evolution of its prior versions, designed to present an energetic and modern feel as the company continues to grow. A myriad of collateral material was created as well for the sales team. From brochures to slicks to business cards, pocket folders and industry-specific inserts.

Our sales folder and brochure won a Silver Addy in the 2019 American Advertising Awards!

Rock Paper Simple Portfolio
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