321 Boat Club Logo

321 Boat’s five-star rating makes 321 Boat Rentals the best location to rent a boats in Central Florida. They have one of the largest fleet of boats to choose from in Florida, so they have the right boat for every event. Their boats have hosted all types of events including family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, just-for-fun excursions, anniversaries, corporate events, birthday parties and much more!

This tri-fold was designed to promote the different levels of memberships that 321 Boats has to offer. There are striking images that capture the fun that customers can have on these excursions, while also providing all of the information in an organized format to make it easy for customers to understand and choose which package fits their lifestyle the most. 

321 Boat Club operates as both a rental facility as well as a boating membership club. The goal of the video was to create a modern, energized style and tone through footage, motion graphics, and music that would let people feel like they could be in the action of boating, tubing, jet skiing, or simply exploring the local waterways and islands. We ended up creating multiple videos to showcase their diverse services to be played on various platforms.