colleenYou might have met us at Headquarters, skimmed through our Team Pages, or you might already be our amazing and awesome friend, but do you know how we’ll answer these questions? Get to know the Rock Paper Simple Team a little better, and follow our Q&A series!

Colleen Clement has volunteered to go first, and chose to answer the following from our quick questionnaire:


What were some impressions you got from walking into RPS for the very first time?
I thought it looked like a fun place, and that made me less nervous to apply/work here.

Why were you interested in working for RPS?
I was enrolling at the Graphics Tech class at EFSC, and I wanted to see what a web design and digital marketing business looked like.

How do you define, or measure, success?
Success is when you meet your personal goals. Everyone is successful at something, and you don’t need recognition to be considered successful.

Tell us about something that you are proud of, outside of work.
I switched to a full American Sign Language congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was a big step for me because it’s a different language. But they needed help, and I have the time to help.

What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow?
I’d buy a desk for my room, and then go out to dinner somewhere nice.

Who will win the battle, Stormtroopers or Red Shirts?
Stormtroopers. I know it sounds horrible, but Red Shirts are supposed to die!

You drank the kool-aid and now you have a superpower. What is it?
Speed! You can do anything when you’re abnormally fast.

Choose between an actual working lightsaber and pokeball with your favorite pokemon inside.
Pokeball. I’m not talented enough to wield a lightsaber.


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Published On: November 15, 2016By