FREE and LIVE Two-Week Eight-Webinar Series!

We created our Marketing Prep Kit to help organizations put their marketing plan together. During times like these, we know it’s even more important to be purposeful with every dollar and ensure your marketing efforts are creating results. This webinar series will run you through our Marketing Prep Kit and provide plenty of time for Q&A.

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Week 1

May 11th @ 12:00pm – Marketing Prep Kit Series Kickoff!

The first webinar of the series will prepare everyone for the rest of the workshop, set expectations, review the prep kit and allow for some initial questions.

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May 12th @ 12:00pm – Know Thyself

Look inward and define your brand, audience and competitors. Knowing yourself provides for a more purposeful approach to the rest of your marketing.

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May 13th @ 12:00pm – Goal Setting & Analytics

Set marketing goals that affect your organization and nail down the analytics and tracking you will be monitoring to know if you will be achieving your goals.

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May 14th @ 12:00pm – Brand Assets

Review existing assets and collateral, determine if they are consistent with your brand/messaging. Decide if updates are needed or if new pieces need to be created.

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Week 2

May 18th @ 12:00pm – Marketing Channels

Choose which marketing channels to focus your efforts on. We will spend some time discussing which channels are most appropriate for your business and strategy.

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May 19th @ 12:00pm – Budgeting

Your budget will always determine your strategy as it determines how much and how big you can go. Laying out the amount you plan to spend, when and on what is key to ensuring a smooth and effective marketing plan that stays within budget.

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May 20th @ 12:00pm –  Implementation

You worked on your plan… now work your plan! Having a strong implementation plan is key to ensuring results from your marketing plan.

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May 21st @ 12:00pm – Summarize and Q&A

This last installment of the series provides some extra time to summarize and spend time in Q&A.

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