Every once in a while there’s a story that happens among our team that is just heartwarming and we decided this one was worth sharing. Justin and Stephanie commissioned Evi to create them this incredible custom piece of art for their home. Check out what Justin had to say about it’s inspiration and what Evi had to say about it’s creation.

Justin’s Take

Justin: I don’t claim to be an art aficionado or critic. My knowledge of fine art extends about as far as Stephen Farthing’s comments in my copy of 1001 Art Masterpieces You Must See Before You Die sitting on my coffee table. My job is storytelling through filmmaking and I love it!. 

I love the nuance, craftsmanship, and subtext that a great film contains. I love how it can take you on an emotional journey and leave you with questions that have no easy answers at times. While I don’t fully understand fine art, I appreciate and respect that it has told us stories with these qualities for thousands of years, well before the first camera was ever rolling.

So after a tiring several days filming out on a studio lot in Atlanta, I decided to spend the weekend at the High Museum of Art before flying back home to Florida.

As I roamed through the numerous exhibits, I found myself lingering in the European Art wing looking over the works of Corot, Bazille, Renoir, and Pissarro. I was stopped in my tracks though by Monet’s Houses of Parliament in the Fog. The vague simplicity of shape and color, the mysterious boatman in the foreground, the looming form of Parliament; I was inspired.

When I arrived back home to Florida, I spoke to my wife about commissioning a piece for our home. Something that would tell a story, foster conversation for visiting guests, create teaching opportunities for our kids, and inspire my wife and me in our daily routines. 

After creating some mood boards and an outline of the premise, my wife and I sat down with incredible local artist Evi Marie to undertake this feat. 

The premise was simply life as told through three pieces: The Storm, The Sunset, The Calm.

So often we think of life as the good times and bad, the highs and lows, the sunsets and storms but we wanted to show those moments that were in between as well; the calm moments, the moments that you feel like you’re standing still, just running through your daily routine. It can be easy to be frustrated by these times in our lives, thinking they are a waste of time. 

We long for the sunsets, those gold-colored surreal memories, or the battle hardening storms that toughen our skin and teach us those hard life lessons, but it can be difficult at times to live and find rest in the mundane consistency of the calm. I know I’ve struggled with that; that’s why these pieces speak and reach out to me.

They remind me that life is about seasons.  Seasons that come and go, just like the winds and tides and that each of these seasons is vital for us to grow as artists, friends, family, parents- to grow as strong and healthy people. 

Everyone’s voyage is different. Everyone’s boat is unique. Just remember that through life’s cycle of these seasons, live and appreciate every moment you can. Show love and grace to those ships around you and know that we are all on the ever-changing sea of life together.

Evi’s Take

A Word from the Artist: Well… the time has come. These three beautiful pieces I created for Stephanie and Justin are finally complete and in their lovely home right where they belong. As always, I’ve tied so much emotion and love within these works of art. And as I left their house I had some serious separation anxiety. I am so grateful for this opportunity and the amazing support I received from friends and family.

These 24×48 Acrylic paintings emerged from a vision Justin had for The Storm, The Calm, and The Sunset. After much talking and planning I was off to start. I spent weeks thinking and staring at blank canvases almost as tall as me, & I honestly had no idea where to begin. There was so much uncertainty, and many days where my head was just filled with doubt. But I’m so thankful for my friends and family who told me to start, to keep going and to keep pushing forward. Then one morning I said “I’m going to paint”( just like that) it all hit me like a wave, once the brush came in contact with the canvas. It was quite magical, and it felt very natural. Although the size of the canvases were intimidating, I found excitement and passion from each stroke of the brush. And as I moved my hand the vision just became clearer.

I’m thrilled with how these pieces came out, and I’m glad they are going to a lovely home.

A sneak peek at the masterpiece partially completed!

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