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Know Thyself [video]

When creating a marketing plan, the first step is to know yourself and your business. They say that the most difficult thing in life is to know yourself and we think it’s because people forget to take a moment and reflect. We suggest starting with these three areas: know your audience, your brand and your competition. Check out what Danielle has to say about it!

Building your marketing plan can be a challenge, so we decide to put together a handy marketing prep kit to help our friends, neighbors, colleagues and clients get a head start! Check it out below… it’s FREE and it’s 18 pages of awesome!

Rock Paper Simple's 2018 Marketing Prep Kit

Rock Paper Simple's 2018 Marketing Prep Kit
We talk to alot of people about marketing and one of the questions we hear all the time is where to even start with their brand, their plan, their goals, etc. So we decide to put together a handy marketing prep kit just for you! It’s packed full of 18 pages of awesome… enjoy!
(we promise to never sell your private information or send you inordinate amounts of spam!)

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