One question you may find yourself asking is, “Why does font matter?” Does the way that words appear on your website have that big of an impact on your business? The short answer is, yes. 

Images and words are the main elements of your website. How they are presented to your general audience can have a significant effect on your overall style and how effective your site is as well. Your voice and tone for your business are unique and should be reflected in every aspect of your website. Your site is your own, and so is the font that you choose for it.

Additionally, font is not simply about style. It is also selected out of consideration of your audience. Some future clients may look at your font to determine professional quality, and more mature viewers will appreciate a larger and more bold font. You want to take the full spectrum of your business and clients into account when designing your website, and here’s how to get started.

A recently added feature to Chrome Dev Tools provides developers with a much-needed font properties panel that allows font adjustments on the fly. This new panel streamlines some of the most common font properties, saving designers and developers some typing time. With it, a developer can quickly adjust the desired font size, weight, line height, and spacing without needing to type in any CSS properties manually. 

How to Enable the Feature

You can enable this feature, via the Experiments Panel in Chrome Dev Tools.

  1. From DevTools, enter Cmd + Shift + P > Show Experiments.
  2. Type in font in the Experiments Filter box.
  3. Enable the Font Editor Experiment.

How to Use This Feature

Follow these steps to use the font editor:

  1. Inspect the desired text with Chrome Dev Tools.
  2. Click on the Font Editor icon within the Styles Pane (marked the double-A icon).
  3. Adjust your font properties and watch as your page updates in real-time.

Now that you have all this information, you may be asking yourself, “What now?” You understand how the design of your website and font of its content affects your business and clients, but now you need to apply this information. Perhaps you don’t feel confident enough to undertake this task of font control, or maybe you don’t have an IT department to manage it for you.

If you feel any of these concerns, don’t worry. Rock Paper Simple is here to help you. We have worked with many businesses to help create and maintain successful websites that draw the attention of potential clients. We are capable of customizing each site to the specific wants and needs of the owner, and we ensure quality results. 

We and our highly experienced IT and web design team will work diligently alongside your business to give you the perfect font to suit your website’s style and audience convenience. Rock Paper Simple wants to see your business thrive, and we have the drive and skills to see that happen.

Published On: October 22, 2021By