google-reviewIt’s great to send people to your Google+ page, especially if they are asking where to leave you a review, but we all know that if it isn’t super easy for some to do something on the web, chances are they are going to hit that back button and move on to bigger and better (faster and easier) things! So there’s a really cool little trick to get the review box to automatically pop up on visit to the Google+ page.

Note: It won’t show the popup box for you on your own page if you are an admin of the page. Also… the user must be logged in for this to work.


Step #1: Just grab your business’ Google+ link


Step #2: Now just add “?review=1” to the end of it.


Step #3: Share the link!

Now send the link off to someone who is eagerly awaiting an easy and simple way to leave you a review!

Published On: May 14, 2014By