2020 GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Honoree: Letter from Head Honcho

“We are officially a GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch honoree! Wow!

An organization like ours only exists and reaches forward to great things because of the people that are part of it. This honor speaks to our team (past and present!) that has put in so much hard work, the mentors who have spoken to us, the clients that have invested in us and the community that has embraced us. We couldn’t imagine doing this anywhere else… with anyone else!

I prayed every month for five months while I was working on getting Rock Paper Simple launched that the Lord would bless our path forward, or stop me from starting it altogether. Here we are, almost eight years later with a team I couldn’t be more proud of…those prayers were certainly answered. 

I am filled with gratitude to all those who have contributed to making Rock Paper Simple into not only what it is today, but what it will be tomorrow.

Ever Forward!”

LEAD Brevard’s 4 Under 4 Awards – LIVE at the Rock Paper Simple Studio!

Click here to open in a full tab.

It’s almost time!

We are posting this up an hour before go-live! We are beyond excited for the LIVE event at our studio. Things are getting exciting here as our host and guests begin arriving! See you all soon! You can watch above or even click the link for the full experience.

Tips for Email Marketing Success

Creating a strong email marketing strategy for your business helps you to connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increases sales at an affordable cost. According to Statista, the global email user count is set to grow to 4.3 billion by 2023. [1] Further, DMA found that every dollar spent on email marketing creates an average return of $42. [2] Awesome, right? Below we’ve laid out a few key tips to consider when building your email marketing strategy to ensure its success! 

Build Relationships

When using email marketing for your business, it’s important to keep building relationships with subscribers at the forefront of your approach. People often join email lists not because they want to buy a product but because they want to learn more about a company. So, while increased sales might be a short term goal, engagement and a strong following is the key to driving success long term. 

Use CTA’s

In an email campaign, CTA’s (call to actions) are essential. If they aren’t crafted in a way that encourages subscribers to click on a company’s message, the campaign results might fall short. Three important questions to ask yourself when creating CTA’s are: “Is it descriptive?”, “Is it easy to act on?”, “Is it hard to miss?”. 

Maintain Contact List

The last critical email marketing tip is to keep your contact list up-to-date, especially if you’re using a service provider like SharpSpring or MailChimp. Inactive subscribers and email addresses that are no longer used negatively affect your deliverability rate, bounce rate, and overall sender reputation. To refresh your list, use a validation program like ZeroBounce. These types of programs will make sorting through your email list easy and efficient!

To wrap it up, here’s a short checklist of basic steps to take when creating your own email marketing campaign!

▢ Build a subscriber list (and keep it updated)

▢ Create a clean email layout

▢ Keep subject lines short and catchy

▢ Tailor emails to be mobile-friendly

▢ Include interesting CTA’s

▢ Test emails before they’re sent

▢ Track data

▢ Provide value! 



[1] https://www.statista.com/statistics/255080/number-of-e-mail-users-worldwide/

[2] https://dma.org.uk/uploads/misc/marketers-email-tracker-2019.pdf