Staying Close While Virtual

Some words on staying connected from Stephanie

Carrying on as a team, while not being in the same building, can be difficult! Our team is close – really, really close! Not only do we love working together, we love eating lunches together, and even love spending weekends together. Imagine going from spending so much time together, to literally being stuck in our homes, apart from each other! Over the last few months, we have learned how to keep up with our tasks and clients, and stay close as a team! To someone in my role as the Director of Operations (& HR) that is a “Win, Win, Win Situation”, as Michael Scott from The Office, would say.

So how are we doing it? We have done virtual monthly lunches, virtual trips to the zoo, bucket list activities, personality tests, and much, much more! Check out some of my favorite quotes and moments from the activities that have been keeping us “together”:

Bucket List

We shared something on our bucket lists. Here are some of the bucket list items that were shared! We are pretty cool:

  • I want to take a ride in a zero-g plane… At least until trips to space become open to the public. – Chris, Designer
  • To go to a live orchestra showing of Hans Zimmer’s work. I enjoy listening to film composers music and he’s definitely one of the best. I attended the Game of Thrones concert by Ramin Djwadi, and it was phenomenal! – Josh P – Videographer
  • Since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to spend a few weeks going through the Holy Land. I always wanted to go with my Jewish grandmother. Justin and I have been saving for a while and have the trip in our five-year plan!!! – Stephanie, Operations 
  • As some of you know I have been rock climbing recently and my goal is to climb the TALLEST official climbing wall in the world! It is in Switzerland and is made out of a dam! – Mackenzie, Marketing 

Virtual Zoo

Virtual trips to the zoo. Each team member shared a webcam of their favorite animal and a fun fact. Here are some examples of their responses:

  • Apart from being cute and cuddly, koala’s can sleep for up to 19 hours a day (sounds like a dream). Although they only eat eucalyptus, they are ironically picky eaters as they “eat less than 50 of over 700 eucalypt species. Even then, they’ll often choose leaves at the top of the tallest trees that contain more liquid and nutrients.” I like an animal with a refined palate.
  • Giant Pandas! Because they are so cute.  Fun fact, ALL giant pandas are owned by China and leased to zoo’s.
  • My favorite zoo animal is the otter. 90% of sea otters live off the coast of Alaska. Otters like to stick together, so when they sleep they will wrap themselves in seaweed and float together in a group. A group of resting otters is called a raft.

Personality Test

We did a personality test to see how some of our team members compared! These always give us more insights into our team members. Check out our results:

We all miss each other’s faces, but have become a stronger team!