The Backyard Team Building VIP Experience: Sponsored by Rock Paper Simple

The Backyard Team Building VIP Experience: Sponsored by RPS

What: An event for HR professionals to learn about The Backyard, and what it can offer your team

When: Wednesday, May 8th from 9am-2pm

Where: The Backyard Games and Eatery, located at 5270 N US Hwy 1
Palm Shores, FL 32940

At RPS, we’re all about doing things as a team. We work as a team, eat lunch as a team, and some of us even throw the frisbee around as a team. So when our good friends at The Backyard said they wanted to partner with us for their Team Building VIP Experience, we were thrilled!

Happening on Wednesday, May 8th, this event is designed for anyone in the human resources field to come and enjoy a free day of games, education, food, and fun! You can expect to experience a comprehensive overview of what The Backyard can offer your team, an introductory tour of the facility, and plenty of games and activities. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, and the day will conclude with a motivational presentation on success.

If you would like to register or learn more, visit or call (321) 426-7480.

Pre-registration is required. We hope to see you there!


Facebook’s Secret Weapon for Businesses

We are all about working smarter, not harder. And marketing is striking a balance between effort and time (and money, of course. But time equals money – round up to the next whole number, take the square root of pi and… sorry, we get nerdy sometimes.)

Where were we?

Oh yes, working smarter. This is why we love using a “secret weapon” within Facebook Insights for Business that is helping marketers and small business owners capitalize on powerful vicinity-specific statistics.If you run a brick-and-mortar business, the information you can glean from Facebook Local Insights can impact your ad strategy, staffing decisions, and more.

Within Business Manager there’s a tab that is often overlooked in the sea of other useful Insights. Even as super creative, right-brained people, we geek out over the metrics in this tab once we began to do a deep dive.

Here’s what we mean:

The Facebook Local Insights section provides super geographic-specific data that shows you what’s the busiest time for Facebook users to be in your set radius and date range, what the top age, gender and home location is of those passing by, and how often your ad was seen by those people (if you’re currently running campaigns.) It’s all privacy protected so it’s showing generalized stats and not specific users information, but there’s power in those summaries that you need to be using as you craft your marketing plans.

How does this help you as a business owner? For the three main categories you see in the screenshot above:

Activity and Peak Hours

Facebook Says:

Use info about when the most people are nearby to make smart decisions about store hours and more.

RPS Says:

We can’t make your operational decisions, but we do use this data to make sure content and ads are going out when you expect people to see it (your current followers AND passers-by alike).


Demographic Info

Facebook Says:

Get to know the general ages, genders and distance traveled by people near your business to inform your marketing and services.

RPS Says:

We use this data to get to know people who are not yet customers or clients and craft messages and ads accordingly to draw engagement. Creating custom audiences using this insight increases the likelihood of your ads do not falling victim to the mindless scroll.


Ad Performance

Facebook Says:

See if your ads reached people who are near your business.

RPS Says:

Spending money is an important decision for any business owner or decision maker. How powerful to be able to verify your ads are being seen by the people around you.

Now, like any data, it’s only useful if it’s actionable. And to be actionable, you have to understand it. A marketing partner like RPS can analyze the data in your business’ Facebook Local Insights and craft a plan to attract the people most likely to walk in your door, drive by your business, or be online when your ad is running.

We’d love to review Local Insights with you in a Discovery Session. Contact us through our site or give us a call – we promise not to be too nerdy when you come in.

2019: First Quarter

2019: First Quarter

The beginning of the year has come and gone quickly, and it’s been a busy 2019 at RPS! We’d like to take this opportunity to catch you up on what we’ve been up to in the first quarter.

Featured Blog Post

Logo vs Icon: Understanding the Difference

In an update of one of our most popular blog posts, we break down the difference between an icon and a logo, as well as defining these terms and more! To read this blog post, click here.

Client Spotlight

Family Promise of Brevard

RPS partnered with Family Promise of Brevard on their recent annual campaign to raise awareness and money to support homeless families in our county. Using direct mail letters to past supporters, as well as email blasts, press releases, and social media posting, the campaign was able to replace an entire annual fundraiser, providing $10,000 more to families in need as a result of generous giving by our community.

It’s always rewarding when we work with groups that directly impact our area. We also created a new website for the organization which, we must say, sparkles. We’re not kidding, it actually sparkles. If you’d like to visit their website, click here.

10 Wins for RPS at the ADDYs!

We had a wonderful time at the recent ADDY award ceremony and are proud to have been recognized for 10 awards, including two of the three Judges Choice awards. You can read more about it in one of our recent blog posts, here!

New Team Member Spotlight

Mackenzie Bills

Mackenzie joined our team in January as our Administrative Assistant, which basically means she does a little bit of everything, including answering phones, working on websites, fighting bad guys, and making a great pot of coffee.  If you’d like to learn more about Mackenzie, click here!

We’re looking for Interns!

We are looking for a few awesome individuals who are interested in learning the ropes and gaining some experience at the same time. If you’re interested in website building, digital marketing, graphic design, or content strategy, we’d love to hear from you! You can apply here!

The Backyard HR Team Building VIP Experience!

We are excited to announce that our sponsorship of the HR Team Building VIP Experience at the Backyard! Anyone in the human resources field is welcome to come for a FREE day of games and team building activities! Breakfast and lunch are included. Register to join us here!