Portrait Tommy Gerhardt


Lead Videographer

Overall Physical Strength
Dad Powers
Animal Product Usage
Understanding of Percentages

Where did it start?

What’s there to say about Tommy that hasn’t already been said about Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, Timothée Chalamet, and so on? Well, for starters, none of them had to write a bio for themselves in the third person.


The glorious Tommy started working as a Videographer for Rock Paper Simple at the end of 2022. But this is not where the story begins. Oh no, on the contrary. Our story begins in a small rural town in Olney, Maryland, with a small child that was raised by a small boxy television. Little did he know that as he flipped through the limited channels, Tommy was being brainwashed into thinking he could also work on those big TV shows and movies he so passionately loved.

The Dream Coming to Reality

Fast forward a couple of years, and BAM! There he was, a greasy-faced teenager with braces, working on the movies on the big screen! Well, it was a movie theater usher, but it counted for that young man. After a few years of selling popcorn, sweeping the floors, and four years in high school (that’s the normal amount, I checked), Tommy graduated.

He debated going to college because he and the books didn’t get along. Then he found something! Something special! Something so unreal it couldn’t be real! A film school! A school for special children just like him! He graduated with a bachelor’s degree (first of his name, a thank you) and immediately drove to the only place he could think of that is known for making movies. Van Nuys, California. He couldn’t afford Hollywood (it’s basically Hollywood-adjacent, quit being judgemental!).

After six years of working on nonunion commercials and music videos, he finally caught his big break. He got into the local union! He has since worked on such projects as Curb Your Enthusiasm, How to Get Away With Murder, Annabelle, and The Staircase. There are many more, trust me, he’s legit. For 12 years, he perfected his craft and love for film. Then in 2020 (not sure if you know this or not), COVID happened.

The Big Change

At this point in his shockingly joyful life, Tommy had gotten married to a lovely woman and had two gorgeous baby boys with her. But alas, work was starting to weigh on him. He wasn’t enjoying the brutal 70+ hour work weeks as much as he once had. Little rural Tommy missed his family too much.

Luckily for him (and unlucky for almost everyone else), COVID shut down the entire entertainment industry. It gave Tommy the incentive to do away with the crazy hours and start a new adventure closer to the grandparents in Brevard County.

After a year hiatus from the business doing daddy daycare, he put himself back out there. Luckily for RPS, they found him; now, you have too. Congrats!