As Lead Content Strategist at Rock Paper Simple, Jenna’s role is to oversee and help create the AWESOME content produced at RPS and ensure it’s in maximum alignment with the project’s goals and objectives. Jenna jumps at the chance to be creative and work with a team, but also loves being able to work with clients to come up with unique messaging that captures their brand and communicates their message. Helping to develop content strategies and creative campaigns from concept through completion is her forte!

Jenna majored in Strategic Communication and graduated with a BA from the University of Minnesota. Starting her career as a copywriter at a full-service agency, she began doing everything she could to develop and hone her creative writing skills and learn about each step in the creative process. Her versatile industry background has prepared her for a fast-changing digital landscape with ever-evolving rules and mediums. Luckily, she has a passion for growing and evolving. Today she especially gravitates toward SEO and SEM to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message – and, of course, deliver the right results. 

Outside of RPS, Jenna can be found spending time with her dog, hoarding furniture, hightailing it up to Iowa to visit her family, or embarking on whatever impromptu adventure presents itself. Competitive to a fault, she also can’t resist a good challenge. Which could be anything from beating an opponent on the tennis court, to binge watching Netflix with the best of them.


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