Portrait Eric Needle


Marketing Strategist

Web Development

Creating Artistic Avenues

I’ve always been into art and design. Early in my career, I worked as an artist and illustrator—and grew into graphic design. I geek over fonts and bezier curves with over 10,000 flight hours in Photoshop and almost as many in Illustrator. I’d go on to work every job in an advertising, marketing, and PR agency, with a fair amount of writing and editing mixed in. Mediums include print, web development, and digital, but my favorite work is branding.

A Marketing Renaissance Man

I discovered marketing, the why of all the things we make—and have been hooked ever since I read, Focus by Al Ries. In this book, I learned that marketing is strategic and steers companies.

This notion tapped into a growing entrepreneurial spirit that’s led me to work for an amazing roster of people and companies, from Disney and Lucasfilm to Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, magazine publishers, and fantastic tech innovators. Industries I’ve served include entertainment, technology, healthcare, insurance, and green building, for corporations, nonprofits, agencies, startups, and the venture cap world.

Eagle-Eyed Eric

With a passion for strategy and big-picture marketing, I help every client solve the same essential problem: communicating who they are to specific audiences. To be effective, we need to know who you are within your market. With a grasp of what’s possible, having a 30,000 ft view helps us unlock your potential and drives the strategies that get you where you want to go.

At Rock Paper Simple, I lead the AM team—and focus on client effectiveness and satisfaction. Solving challenges clients face is what gets me up in the morning and keeps me working late into the night. I love this work.

So tell me, what are you working on, and how can we help?