The Top 10 Website Pitfalls to Avoid #2 – No Directing of Traffic

The Top 10 Website Pitfalls to Avoid Rock Paper Simple 2Ever enter a busy intersection where someone was directing traffic? Ever wonder what it would be like if the traffic cop decided to quit and walk away? No one would know where to go and it would be a disaster!

Ever looked for a store or office location and couldn’t find it because it wasn’t well marked? Maybe you couldn’t find the entrance… or, worse, the exit!?

Ever walked into an office and the lobby was empty with no one to tell you where to go? Then you have to decide if you should just sit down or go exploring!

This is what happens to many many websites. People arrive in the front lobby (the home page) and wander around a little. They aren’t sure where to go next and will really just tend to wander around until (you hope) they actually get to a place on the website where they find what they were looking for and turn into a sale or conversion… or, and the more likely event, they get lost, confused and frustrated and leave your website when that dream product they have been looking for all their lives (the one you sell) was actually just two clicks away!

How your visitor navigates your website should never be left to chance. Start by identifying the most important pages on your website and listing them in order.

Decide which ones will turn into leads, sales or conversions for you. Now it’s time to drive traffic to those pages!

When visitors come to your website, there should be several call to actions, an obvious communication to the visitor to take a certain action. A call to action (or CTA for short) is different depending on the application, but really is all about getting that user to take an action. For now, we are talking about directing traffic, later we will talk about CTA’s in regards to getting conversions, but first we much drive traffic to where we want them.

Once you know your most important pages, be sure your home page has 3-5 call to actions (most of the time these are buttons) to drive visitors into the most important pages of your site.

Never rely on your menu navigation for visitors to use to get to those pages… because it leaves too much to chance, especially if you have lots of pages.

Next, make sure that no page is a dead end. It either has a conversion method on it or has a call to action that takes the visitor to the next step in the process. Sometimes you need a few pages in between to get the visitor to where you want them, but remember that you only have their attention for so long.

When people land on your website, they need to know that you have what they are looking for… and they need to know, fast! If you don’t provide an easy and fast way to help them find what they are looking for, they will leave and you will lose the prospect.

There is coaching team that are colleagues and dear friends of mine and when they first came by to visit our web design office here in Melbourne, FL… and when they came upstairs, one of the first things they said was “Wow! You even have a call to action in your office!” referring to a banner at the entrance that says “come see us upstairs”, leaving no doubt where a visitor will find us.

Never leave your visitor with doubt regarding where to go next on your website.

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The Top 10 Website Pitfalls to Avoid #1 – No Goals, No Plan, No Purpose

The Top 10 Website Pitfalls to Avoid Rock Paper Simple 1So, let’s address the biggest killer of websites and really part of the reason the other nine even happen…

No goals, no plan, no purpose, no reason for existing! It’s a recipe for a very depressed poor little website. Hey, websites have feelings too! Alright, maybe they don’t have feelings, but in all seriousness, websites fail the majority of the time for the same reason that over 80% of small businesses fail… no real solid plan based in reality.

If there are no goals set and no plan laid out for a website, it is very very difficult for it to produce results and ultimately, websites without goals and plans tend to just sit there and do absolutely nothing!

So make sure you SET GOALS for your website.

Even if you already have a website. SET GOALS and make a plan to start generating results from it. Otherwise, why have one? Just like every other aspect of your marketing, it should be growing your business. It should have a purpose.

Before we ever begin a project for a client, in fact in the initial sales consultation we are asking them… what is your goal with this website? What do you want to accomplish? Because we know that without a goal, the whole website project is just a shot in the dark with only a HOPE that we get it right.

It helps to take a step back and look at your business or organization. What are your goals there? What are your overall marketing goals? What kind of goals for your website would grow your business? Start there.

Many websites are built as purely informational sources, some are built to sell online, others are built to capture leads and still others are built to drive traffic and sell advertising. What is your website’s purpose?

Determine that and then set goals, a timeline and a strategy to achieve that goal and you will be on the right path to having an awesome website!

We’ve got another, more detailed, blog post that talks about your website goals, plans and messaging to turn your website into a vehicle for business growth. Click here to take a look.

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10 Reasons You Might NOT Want To Hire Rock Paper Simple (The Glorious REMIX!)

Joshua Adams Rock Paper Simple HappyBack in March of last year, I was up far too late and had far too many cups of coffee… so I wrote the 10 Reasons You Might NOT Want to Hire Rock Paper Simple and posted it to our poor unsuspecting blog. We all had a good laugh and got back to work. Well, a few months ago, our very own Russ Wood (he’s awesome, give that man a high five if you spot him), converted this goofy blog post about NOT hiring us into an awesome graphic that has since been printed on all sorts of fun stuff! Since we now have a much cooler version of the 10 Reasons, we decided it was time to make sure everyone got to see this glorious remix!

So… anyways, we totally realize that not everyone is a perfect fit for Rock Paper Simple and even if you are looking for web design in Melbourne, FL, we get there might be perfectly valid reasons NOT to go with us. Below are best reasons we could come up with after a very deliberate (and caffeinated) brainstorming session. If we missed any big ones you can think of, please, you must immediately notify us by any means necessary! Whatever it takes, email, post card, phone, telegraph, carrier pigeon; get that on over to us ASAP and if it is indeed a legitimate reason, we will owe you a big high five (and a coke… we will owe you a coke too).

Without further ado… I give you the 10 reasons! (well, actually, I give you one more line of italic text AND THEN I give you the 10 reasons)

We have come to terms with the fact that if one of these are you… it is very likely you will not use our services. We understand, do not fault you and will wait patiently for your circumstances to change.


10 Reasons NOT to Hire Rock Paper Simple