Family Promise of Brevard

At Family Promise of Brevard, their mission is to end family homelessness in Brevard County by collaborating with our community to provide families the support and resources they need to put themselves on a path towards long-term housing stability. Their vision is that every family in Brevard County has safe affordable housing and the resource to achieve self-sufficiency and lasting independence.

Rock Paper Simple Portfolio

This website was truly a labor of love! A beautiful design around this non-profit website frames a core message that was reflected in an appeal message launched shortly after the website was launched. An engaging home page complete with animated banner effects, twirling directional call to actions, an animated stats section and social feeds draws users in and compels them to take action. This website also features several custom functionalities such as the virtual raffles and fundraising systems created specifically for Family Promise of Brevard.

View the live site here!
Rock Paper Simple Portfolio

The logo just needed a bit of sprucing up as it was already recognizable and based on the national branding of Family Promise. Some edits here and there prepared it for the big appeal campaign.

Rock Paper Simple Portfolio

Our team created a non-profit appeal for Family Promise of Brevard that tied direct mail, email and social media together in a coordinated effort to drive enough contributions to replace one of their core fundraising events.  The campaign consisted of 3 direct mail pieces, 5 email blasts and several social media posts and ads.

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