Scott-Eller-Rock-Paper-SimpleGooood morning! Meet Scott!

Scott is our new Head Dealmaster (well, kinda new)… that’s our fun way of saying he’s our new sales manager! But, of course, regular titles are far too boring for us so we came up with a fun one. His responsibility is to find people we can help whose companies and organizations can benefit from stronger web and marketing presences. He brings the solutions that our team provide and connects them to companies and organizations that have a need.

He takes the sometimes complicated and confusing subject of web design and marketing and helps make it simple for his clients, sticking to what matters and what is going to generate results for them. Scott has been in sales and marketing for over fifteen years and enjoys networking and meeting new people. He is the Chairman of the Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce Chambers Champions who serve to mentor new Chamber Members and help grow their business.

Scott isn’t the typical “sales guy” though; you’ll find him joining in planning sessions and contributing ideas and input into his clients projects and campaigns. We love that he is so engaged and interested in his clients success and it’s one of the reasons he is such a valuable member of the team.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 year old daughter, boating, playing golf, serving at his church and rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (he kindly requests we don’t judge him for that last one… but we can’t make any promises).

While he has been with us for a few months already and has seen some great success, we are still very excited about Scott joining us and helping our clients with their web design and marketing projects here at our office in sunny Melbourne, Florida!