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Please submit your website revisions below. We do your revisions in rounds, so we expect to get all of your edits at once. Your package includes a certain number of rounds, so be sure to get us all the edits you have before we start. Needing additional rounds of revisions is okay, but remember that additional rounds do have a charge associated with them. Our goal is to keep you from having to spend for more rounds and giving us all your edits at once helps us help you!


  • Page Revisions

    Enter your page edits below. Be sure to include the "Page Name" so we know which page you are referring to. The home page is always a good place to start! Hit the plus sign below to add more pages. Do this for each page you have edits for. For edits not related to specific pages, refer to the "Other revisions" field below.
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  • Enter your non-page-related revisions below.
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    I agree that this form constitutes as a round of revisions for my website. If I have any further edits I wish to include within this revision round, I will notify my account manager or project manager within 12 hours. I understand that I do not need to provide all additional edits within 12 hours, just notify RPS so that they can put a hold on the revision round until they receive confirmation to begin. I understand that if I exceed the rounds of revisions included in my package, I may be charged an additional fee.
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