What’s it like working with Rock Paper Simple?

We get asked all the time what it’s like working with Rock Paper Simple. It’s truly different for every client because needs and goals vary, but for the most part, the process breaks down to these five areas:

Discovery, Planning,  Implement, Measure, Adapt

Discovery: This is where every client starts… with a Discovery Session! It’s really as simple as meeting with our team, learning more about each other, understanding your goals and determining the best solution for you. This can be done in person, phone or even video chat, whichever is easiest for you!

Planning: Once we have determined the right solution and you are on board (wahoo! we love new clients!) you meet more of our team in our Planning Session. This is where we hatch our grand plan to accomplish your branding and marketing goals.

Implement: This is where we do most of our work! Logos are designed, brand messaging written, websites developed, marketing campaigns launched… we ensure everything lines up with your goals and vision and we bring that message to the world.

Measure: “Know thy numbers!”, because marketing is all about data and results. Our team measures traffic numbers and behaviour, form submissions, phone calls (call tracking is awesome!), social media engagement and even in-house numbers like revenue and sales if you provide them.

Adapt: And finally we adapt based on the data we gathered from measuring everything. This means that our marketing campaigns are always getting better. If we are doing our job, the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators – a fancy phrase meaning “measurable goals”) should always be doing better and better. We have seen some of our client’s lead costs decrease by over 400% in a matter of months! This is all because we adapt based on the data.

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