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Christopher is one of those people that gets the job done and done right… and here at RPS, we love it when the job gets done right!! He manages to know something about just about everything and has “researched” more things than any one person should be capable of researching. He is great with people, but also excellent at designing systems and ensuring projects are completed efficiently and with quality. He heads up our Destin, Florida operations and sales.

Christopher got his start growing up around his family’s business, so he naturally developed strong team and entrepreneurial skills. Applying these skills, he first worked with Joshua Adams as Project Manager for several years at a marketing agency, where he assembled a team and organized the workflow to operate quickly and efficiently. Many of the systems he helped develop those years ago are used in our daily workflow today at Simple.

Outside of his work, he really enjoys photography, taking pictures and visually telling a story. He’s also into motorsports and anything else that goes fast and makes lots of noise. Chris loves working with churches and community groups, challenging them to think creatively to accomplish goals. He enjoys the challenge of building more out of less with the groups he works with.

You won’t find him in Melbourne Florida very much (bummer!), because he decided to up-and-move to paradise (AKA Destin Florida). When he is not working, you can find him taking in the beautiful scenery in Destin, Florida, driving down the beach with his wife, or playing with one of his young children.