Slaying Dragons with Video Testimonials

Why do we enjoy shows like The Office and Parks & Recreation so much? They’re both hilarious comedies, obviously. But aside from that, the mockumentary style of both series gives the audience a sense of intimacy with the characters. We implicitly trust the openness and candor of Michael Scott and Leslie Knope (and all their respective supporting characters) thanks to the private, one-on-one nature of the interviews they give us each episode.

Real-world organizations like yours can harness the power of documentary-style video testimonials to convey to your target demographic that same Office/Parks & Rec sense of intimacy and trust. 

Why Testimonials?

About 97% of consumers report that online reviews and testimonials influence their purchasing decisions. Using a video format for testimonials has the added benefit of being more memorable than written reviews – leading to higher conversion rates and, ultimately, a greater number of satisfied clients. Additionally, videos are far more likely than text to be shared on social media, increasing the testimonial’s reach and overall impressions.

So, what makes video testimonials such an effective marketing tool? Well, to put it simply: people love stories. One glance at the entertainment industry’s profits will confirm that fact. And what better story to tell than a true story of overcoming real-world obstacles told by a real-life, appreciative client?

A video testimonial appeals to prospective customers’ emotions better than any plain-text review. The reason for this emotional response can be found in our brains. Mirror neurons observe emotions and actions in others, then trigger the same emotions in us and urge us to act similarly. Thanks to our mirror neurons, every time we see a genuine product or service testimonial, we recognize it as genuine and get caught up in its story.

Here, There Be Dragons

A good story requires certain elements, and if your video testimonial is going to effectively fetch new business, we must ensure all of the story essentials are included. We need a happy customer to fill the role of the damsel-in-distress. We need a dragon to slay (a business challenge, not a real dragon). And we need a hero – a knight in shining armor, riding in to save the day – which will be realized in the person of your organization.

Remember that a genuinely satisfied client will tell their story naturally. They came to you with a problem that needed to be overcome. Whether that problem was the building of a functional and attractive website, the marketing of a unique product, or the planning of a fundraising event, your client needed help with a challenging struggle – and you, in turn, heroically carried them through that struggle to a victorious conclusion!

Video testimonials help promote your business in a way no other type of advertising can match. Imagine the slaying of a dragon told from the point of view of the townspeople who needed rescuing. Suddenly, other dragon-besieged folks seek you out due to your past successes in the realm of dragons. You’d have to search far and wide to find a better, more convincing recommendation for your services… your dragon-slaying services, of course.

Pro-Video at Rock Paper Simple

Rock Paper Simple is honored to host several video testimonials that our clients were kind enough to give. The Melbourne Police Department was kind enough to say a few words about a recruiting video we produced for them. Candlelighters of Brevard also paid us a very nice compliment via testimonial. See what other video reviews we have hidden in our lair.

Here, at Rock Paper Simple’s full-service video production facility, we can handle all of your organization’s video testimonial needs. The only thing we need from you is a happy client. We’ll do the rest. And when we’re finished, we’ll hand you a professionally produced testimonial with crisp HD video and crystal clear sound. From there, you can share it across your media accounts and incorporate it into other aspects of your marketing strategy.

To schedule a right-fit conversation for your next video testimonial video shoot, don’t hesitate to call 321.626.2172 or contact us online.

LEAD Brevard’s 4 Under 4 Awards – LIVE at the Rock Paper Simple Studio!

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It’s almost time!

We are posting this up an hour before go-live! We are beyond excited for the LIVE event at our studio. Things are getting exciting here as our host and guests begin arriving! See you all soon! You can watch above or even click the link for the full experience.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait Any Longer to Do Video Marketing

Incriminated in the death of radio stars, video has evolved from a highly professionalized format for marketing to something as simple as livestreaming à la iPhone. Yet for some, the convenience isn’t enough to sell them on getting started. So here are 6 reasons to use video marketing as a tool right now:

1)Video marketing is trending

The success of video marketing has been massive, and not in the places you might think. According to HubSpot, 67% of consumers listed Facebook as a place where they currently consume content online, just 16% behind YouTube. And according to Forbes, 90% of consumers say a marketing video informed their purchases. This means that video marketing is being used, right now, to meet people where they’re at.

2)Video Marketing isn’t slowing down

One Facebook exec even predicted the social media platform will be completely video-based within 5 years’ time. Each year, marketing videos have become more and more popular, indicating exponential growth. And the increase in popularity hasn’t caused a downturn in success. As more content is filmed, people are watching at the same or increasing rate, showing that it is more than just a trend: it is a strategy for the long haul.

3)It’s easier than ever

With so much content out there, it must be difficult to jump in and hang with the best, right? Wrong! (sorry, didn’t mean to yell at you) Chances are, if you have an iPhone, you’ve got most of the ingredients needed. A few simple tools and some sound advice on lighting and editing will put you on the path to creating quality content. However, if you are looking for the assurance of a more experienced touch, plenty of agencies, (like us!) can plan, execute, and deliver great work.

4)Video can tell people who you are, fast!

In using marketing or social media videos, a new customer or client can find out everything they need to know about who you in a way that’s quicker, easier, and more fun than ever before! People can see your vision, learn your values, and get a strong sense of your brand’s identity all in a few moments. And once you’ve engaged with your audience, more videos can be used to share new information, content, and ideas so the world can keep up with all of your exciting plans.

5)Video can give your brand a voice

A video lets the world see who you are and hear your voice. From this, they can build a sense of trust and identity to associate with your product and brand. Video content can engage with people emotionally, and really pull on their heartstrings. A strong video not only tells everyone about you and your passion; it shows them, and this heart-level connection can make a huge difference in engaging followers and consumers with your vision and brand.

Video marketing has gone from an idea reserved for expensive agencies to an important tool for promoting any brand. At first, this may seem like a time consuming and unnecessary strategy. But if done well, video marketing can be a great way to share your vision with a broader audience and show everyone what you have to offer.

What it’s like working with Rock Paper Simple [Video]

Hey there! So what’s it like working with working with Rock Paper Simple? Scott and Stephanie put together this great video where they share just that! (see it below!)

As Scott will tell you, it all starts with a Discovery Session… this is where we get to know more about your business, what sets you apart and what your goals are. It’s so important for us to understand what stage your business is in, what really separates you from everyone else and makes you awesome at what you do, what those goals and objectives are for you and even how big or small your want to go with your marketing, website or branding. You learn more about our team and capabilities as well and our office has lots of great snacks (and coffee… lots of and lots of coffee!). While the planning session is typically with Scott, our Business Development Manager, he will call in other members of our team as needed to help answer all of your questions!

Once we know more about you, we can help craft the best solution for you to help accomplish those goals we talked about!

Once we know what we are doing for you and an agreement has been made (make sure you tell Scott you want to share in the ceremonial Rum celebration drink!), Stephanie, our Director of Operations, takes over to manage your project and you typically get a questionnaire to fill out from her that will give us all the information we need for our next meeting, which is called the Planning Session. Why a Planning Session? Because your business and goals is unique and we want to make sure we have a REALLY good plan in place to accomplish those goals.

This Planning Session is all about going over the questionnaire, reviewing your goals, your likes, dislikes, needs and really diving deeper into the details of planning of your project. You will meet some of the team members that will be working on your project depending on what your project entails. Here we discuss colors, design style, pages for your website, specific marketing messaging and strategies, brand messaging and so much more depending on your projects. (We do send you home with some homework to send us… so good communication is key!).

Once all of that is done, we move into the design, development and/or implementation stages and get to work… but every project is different from here. Some, like Logo Design projects, are entirely design/concept/revision, while a website project will go from design mockup to copywriting to revisions to development to revisions and finally to launch… and a marketing project is an ongoing campaign!

What’s the final deliverable look like? Well, if it’s a website, along with launching it so the world can see your awesome new website, you will get training on how to use it to it’s full potential. If it’s a logo or branding project, you will receive your brand materials and files as well as learn when and how to use them. For a marketing project, you get monthly reporting and lead tracking to ensure your goals are being met and results are showing ROI. And for any creative collateral projects, you will have the final product ready for pickup here at our office or delivered right to your office (how cool is that!?)! And remember… you retain ownership of whatever we create for you!

Give the video a watch to learn a bit more about what it’s like working with Rock Paper Simple!

How to Add a Facebook Cover Video

Having a great profile image and cover banner have been the two ways businesses and marketers have spiced up their Facebook pages, creating their own unique brand image and engaging users. Facebook has provided yet another way to use this space that may help drive even more engagement and keep visitors interested. Video grabs our attention far more than images do, so now that we have the option to add a Facebook cover video, it’s time to learn how to add yours!

This new feature gives your Facebook page more dimensions and grabs the attention of those browsing your page. It looks awesome too!


How to Upload a Cover video

It’s very easy to upload your video. Simply navigate to your Facebook page, making sure you are an admin, and hover over the cover image. You will see the “Change Cover” button with a camera icon. Click the button!

You will then see various options for your cover banner. Select either “Choose From Videos” if you have already uploaded your video or “Upload Photo/Video” if you still need to upload it.

Keep in mind that your video will need to be a minimum of 820 x 312 pixels (although they recommend 820 x 462 for best fit) and be between 20 and 90 seconds long. It will play without sound unless the user prompts otherwise, so be sure your video communicates well even without sound. These are some pretty specific requirements, so you will need to do some video editing to make the video just right.


Interview with Mendx about Facebook Cover Banners

I got together with my friend and colleague, Justin Snyder, to do a quick video about the new Facebook Cover Video. Take a look as Justin gives some insights into this new feature.