LEAD Brevard High Ropes Challenge!

2016leadbrevardropes-3Last month my LEAD Brevard class hit the high ropes course as part of a team-building experience. We conquered challenges that required team-work, brainstorming and some facing of fears! It was an incredible experience to work together with leaders from across Brevard and to face their fears with them.

The last thing we did was climb some crazy high ropes and walk across things that your mind tells you that you shouldn’t walk across! I found myself volunteering to go second in my group… this coming from the guy who was so afraid of heights when he was a kid that he couldn’t climb a ladder!

It was a thrill to cross the beam and then drop down to safety. Boy was I glad to be back on the ground. I was then able to encourage and be there for the other members of my group as they challenged their fears and scaled the course.

It was a fantastic experience and I will remember this day spent with a great group of people for as long as I live. Life is full of challenges, but those challenges are so much easier to traverse and conquer when you have a team to support you through it all… and I had a great team!

It reminded me of the team I am a part of back at Rock Paper Simple and how we band together not only to build websites, develop brands and launch digital marketing campaigns, but also encourage each other to grow, support one another, solve problems together and sometimes even help each other conquer our fears. I am blessed to be a part of such a team. Thanks, guys! (and gals!)

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….one of these days I’ll have to share what cured me of my fear of heights years ago. But that’s a story for another day!

Rock Paper Simple Hangout (At The Office!)

sept hangout

So a year ago we decided that we wanted to infuse more fun into your lives… okay okay, we admitted it then and we will admit it now, we just wanted to have more fun and figured we would invite you along for the ride.

The next Hangout is coming up in September… so join us on Friday the 9th (5:30-7:00) at the Rock Paper Simple office for drinks and snacks on us! Relax after a week of far too much awesome (or maybe not enough) and get a drink, network a bit, win a door prize and hangout with the RPS team.

Please RSVP so we can have a cold one waiting for you! Click here to RSVP on Facebook… or comment below!

Ahoy!! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

talk-like-a-pirate-day-rockpapersimpleAhoy! We here aboard the good ship Rock Paper Simple don’t approve of the bilge rats that are “real” pirates. Those guys are just rude and plus they take all your stuff! We much prefer the pirates who are actually just really fun people celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day!

So, drink up your morning coffee, me hearties, and dream of the grog that awaits you later when you don ye boots and hat and venture forth to the local pub to regale the landlubbers with ye tales of glory… and if ye ain’t got tales of glory, make up some incredibly outlandish tales and tell those ones!


There are plenty of options for staying in theme today, such as drinking rum and talking like a pirate as well as playing your hornpipe, counting your doubloons, swabbing your decks, sharpening your cutlass, pillaging something (better stick to your refrigerator, so you don’t get arrested), and walking a plank… if you can find one.

Avast, then, ye mateys, and enjoy yourselves! To quote well-known pirate of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp: “Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.”

Also, and because I feel it’s really important to say on this day… “Why is the rum gone!?”

October Rock Paper Simple Hangout – Hitting the bowling lanes!

Rock-Paper-Simple-Goes-BowlingOn October 16th at 4pm, cut out of work a bit early and hangout with the Rock Paper Simple team at Brunswick Harbour Lanes.

If you get rocking and rolling before 5, they have a deal for two hours of bowling at only $10.95 per person… it’s a few dollars more if you come after 5.

We plan to share plenty of laughs and good times… so don’t miss it! When you get there, ask for the Rock Paper Simple crowd.

Remember that we get together every month and we invite our friends, colleagues, clients and the community to join us! Next month we plan to hit the beach (you better believe frisbee and volleyball will be involved)!

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Pictures from the last Hangout at Squid Lips:

Rock Paper Simple Hangout Squid Lips3 Rock Paper Simple Hangout Squid Lips6 Rock Paper Simple Hangout Squid Lips2 Rock Paper Simple Hangout Squid Lips5 Rock Paper Simple Hangout Squid Lips Rock Paper Simple Hangout Squid Lips8 Rock Paper Simple Hangout Squid Lips4 Rock Paper Simple Hangout Squid Lips7

Our first Rock Paper Simple Hangout… join us at SquidLips!

Rock Paper Simple at SquidLipsSo we got to thinking and decided we needed to infuse more fun in all of your lives! Okay, fine… we decided we wanted to have more fun and figured we’d just invite you along for the ride. So, starting in September, we will be having monthly Rock Paper Simple Hangout days where we go and do something fun on a Friday evening and invite our friends, clients and colleagues along.

On September 11th at 4pm, cut out of work a bit early and join us at Squid Lips for our first Hangout. Enjoy good food and drink (it’s happy hour, so you won’t go broke), some great networking and just hangout with the Rock Paper Simple team. We plan to share plenty of laughs and good times… so don’t miss it! When you get there, ask for the Rock Paper Simple crowd

Upcoming Rock Paper Simple Hangouts include hitting the beach (you better believe frisbee and volleyball will be involved) and an outing to the bowling alley to see if Russ is really as good as he says he is. Stay tuned!

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I’m going to be walking a mile in heels! (no joke)

So Serene Harbor, a domestic violence shelter here in Brevard County, is having their Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event to raise funds to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence.

We firmly believe that as a company we should be doing what we can for and in our community, so being involved was a no-brainer. I also believe strongly that as a Christian I am to love my neighbor and make an impact on those around me… again, making this a no-brainer. I might not be able to stop the violence by myself, but perhaps by coming together with Serene Harbor, the rest of our team here at Simple, Sheriff Wayne Ivey and others like them, we can make a difference in this cause!

That said, Scott and I will be representing as Team Rock Paper Simple and will be walking in high heels on the 30th. We truly hope you will consider sponsoring our team so we can raise as much as we can for Serene Harbor… and while you are at it, why not join us in our walk!? Come on now… we are walking in heels; that alone deserves a donation and even better that it will benefit a great cause.

So what are you waiting for?! Click the shiny yellow Paypal button below and sponsor our team!!


Not convinced? Think I’m making all this up!? Watch the video below from our Sheriff, Wayne Ivey.


About Serene Harbor

Serene-Harbor-Logo1For over 20 years, Serene Harbor has offered safe refuge and provided life changing services to more than 25,000 women and children who were victims of domestic violence in our community. Our vision is a community that is educated about and welcoming to victims of domestic violence and their needs. Our mission is to be a leading advocate for reducing the incidence of domestic violence in Brevard County through intervention, prevention, social change, information, enlightenment, education and engagement of our community. -Visit their website


Don’t forget to sponsor us by clicking below!


The Amazing Space Coast Free Day

We had an absolute blast at the Space Coast Free Day, an event to benefit the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation. Teams from across Brevard County raced to compete in zany games and challenges at businesses all around the community. We setup a silly game for teams to work together to catch as many of our orange stress balls as possible. One teammate tossed them out the second story window as fast as they could, while their teammate tried to catch them in a basket in the grass below. Of course we wired a GoPro and an iPad so the player upstairs could see their target!

Days like this remind us just how awesome it is to be involved with our community and not get lost in the day-to-day mundane web design work days. We met so many wonderful people and maybe we didn’t make any new websites or sell anything… but we sure as heck had a whole lot of fun!

(oh, and we won Best Sponsor… so it was even more awesome!)

Here’s a great video of the day!

And here’s some of the pictures of the teams!

Having an Awesome Day with some really cool people!

Posted by Rock Paper Simple on Saturday, March 7, 2015

Welcome 2015 – Ever Forward!

2015-new-yearIt’s been one heck of a year!

2014 saw us throw a big party for our new office ribbon cutting, make a whole bunch of new friends, win a couple awards for web design projects, serve a whole bunch of great new clients, bring on two awesome new team members, tell a bunch of silly jokes, drink waaaay too much coffee, travel to the opposite coast to share our ideas and services with other entrepreneurs, get even more involved in our community… all while doubling our business. We’ve come a long way and are so thankful to our clients, our partners, our team and our community for all they’ve done to help us grow in 2014.

2015 will bring new opportunities as we expand our operations, offer new services and improve our existing services. New services means even more ways of helping our clients grow their businesses while new systems and new staff means faster turnaround times and even better customer service.

Ever Forward… it’s one of those things I say all the time and it’s a huge part of what defines the culture here at Rock Paper Simple. Yes, we are your Melbourne, Florida Web Design experts, but we are so much more than that… we are a company that truly cares about serving our clients as best we can, a company that isn’t satisfied with the status quo, with “good enough”, and we are getting better at what we do every day. Because we truly believe that no one is ever done growing, ever done improving, ever done learning… we strive to innovate and apply new ideas constantly to our services and offerings and you will see a string of new ideas and services this year and moving forward.

When you stop growing, when you stop pushing forward, that’s when you ought to worry. Forward means energy, it means innovation, it means new ideas and new opportunities. Forward can be scary for some, but for those who seize the opportunity, who take the leap… forward is the most rewarding of all and it is the only way to live! So let’s go forward!

As we ring in the new year, may I say to my team, our clients, our friends, our colleagues and my fellow entrepreneurs… Ever Forward!

Talkin’ Marketing at the Entrepreneurial Summer Camp

Joshua Adams - Melbourne, FloridaWe had a blast at the fourth annual Entrepreneurial Summer Camp sponsored by the Women’s Business Center and Junior Achievement of the Space Coast at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.

The Entrepreneurial Summer Camp was a five day event for youth aged 13-18 years, and various local business owners and entrepreneurs presented business and entrepreneurial concepts in fun and interactive sessions.

I went in and tackled Branding & Marketing and gave the kids our “Seven Steps to a Marketing-Focused Website” talk and showed them how to make sure a website works for your business or venture and chatted a bit about ROI and what it means to make sure that every dollar you spend on your business has a purpose.

It was so much fun and I remember particularly one young girl who had a wallet-making business, where she made wallets from duct tape. Another young artist-turned-entrepreneur tried to sell me a wall mural for our office! If we hadn’t already had everything all done and setup here, I would have taken him up on it… he had a great pitch!

Part of business, part of the entrepreneurial dream, is to be able to make a difference and accomplish things you have a passion for and these kinds of events are just an example of that. As a business owner, I am able to participate in sowing seeds into these kids lives, give them insight into what it is like to run your own business and to give them some advice about marketing and branding. They may not be ready to use it, but it gives them options for their future and what are we if we neglect our coming generation?

I’m proud that we can be involved with local organizations like the Women’s Business Center and Junior Achievement and make a difference in our community and some kid’s lives!

Now go out and find a cause… find a need and give back to your community! Sometimes it’s not all about the dollars and cents as much as what kind of impact you make around you while earning those dollars and cents. I truly believe that so many of our business community’s business leaders have been incredibly influential and moving us all forward and I believe that many more have yet to contribute only because they don’t realize how much of a difference thay can be making.

Have an awesome day and keep moving EVER FORWARD!