RPS Open House

RPS is getting bigger! Last year was a great one for us as a team, full of change and growth. Altogether, we hired 6 new team members in 2018, and each one has already become a big part of our family! As a result, space has been getting a little tight. Don’t get us wrong, we love working with each other, but we also don’t mind a little room to stretch from time to time.

Seeing this growth, and planning on a few more additions still before 2019 is over, our leadership team realized the apparent need for more room. So we kicked down a wall and moved into the suite next door! We’re very excited about the new expansion, and each team member is all settled in.

Our content department, marketing department, Operations Director and Head Dealmaster have moved over to what we like to call the “east wing,” and they are loving it! Now, it’s time for you to see our new digs!

On March 14 at 5pm, we will be hosting an Open House to showcase our newly expanded office space. The event will feature catering by Bearded Chef, complimentary drinks, and giveaway raffles. This is also a great chance to meet our wonderful team and check out our creative space. So invite your friends and join us in celebrating a new chapter in our story!

See the Facebook Event here!

RPS at the ADDYs

We love what we do. Digital marketing, web design, and branding get us out of bed in the morning. Our team is excited about our projects and we genuinely enjoy working with our clients. Seeing a finished website or successful marketing campaign is truly its own reward for our hard work.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with being recognized for the effort and talent of our team, and this recognition came at the recent Addy Awards Ceremony for the Space Coast Chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Altogether, we were awarded four Gold, four Silver, and two of the three Judges Choice Awards.

This is a huge honor, and we couldn’t be more grateful! But, we couldn’t have made this achievement without some great clients, so we’d like to take this opportunity to showcase some of our the award-winning projects for the awesome businesses and nonprofits with whom we are so privileged to partner.

At the Silver level:

Advantage Technologies Sales Materials
Advantage Technologies provides creative, effective, and efficient managed IT solutions to small businesses.


The Airboat Rides at Midway Video
We had a blast collaborating with Mendx studios on this project! Midway does Florida wildlife like no one else.

The Brevard Humane Society Website
The Brevard  Humane Society has been helping homeless animals find a safe place since 1952, providing shelter, food, veterinary care, and plenty of TLC.

Brevard Humane Society

The National Space Club Website
National Space Club Florida Committee (NSCFL) is a non-profit corporation composed of passionate individuals representing industry, government, the Department of Defense, regional educational institutions, and the public.

NSC Website

At the Gold level:

The Rock Paper Simple Brand Book
We love going through the branding process with our clients so much that we did it for ourselves. Our brand book contextualizes who we are as company in terms of message, values, and tone. It also serves as a guide for proper use of the RPS colors, logo, and fonts.

RPS Brand Book


Our New Website Promo Video
We may have gotten a little carried away, but who doesn’t love a good party? Especially over a brand new website!

The Rock Paper Simple Website
The source of our celebration. We take pride in our work, and we want our own site to reflect what we can bring to each and every client.

RPS Website

The Bearded Chef Logo
Have you ever seen a logo speak for itself better? And the food is pretty good too!

The Bearded Chef Logo

Of the three available Judges Choice Awards, we managed to collect one for our new website promo video and one for the Bearded Chef Logo.

We are grateful to the American Advertising Federation and judges for the recognition, and we look forward to crafting even more awesome work for our clients in the future!

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait Any Longer to Do Video Marketing

Incriminated in the death of radio stars, video has evolved from a highly professionalized format for marketing to something as simple as livestreaming à la iPhone. Yet for some, the convenience isn’t enough to sell them on getting started. So here are 6 reasons to use video marketing as a tool right now:

1)Video marketing is trending

The success of video marketing has been massive, and not in the places you might think. According to HubSpot, 67% of consumers listed Facebook as a place where they currently consume content online, just 16% behind YouTube. And according to Forbes, 90% of consumers say a marketing video informed their purchases. This means that video marketing is being used, right now, to meet people where they’re at.

2)Video Marketing isn’t slowing down

One Facebook exec even predicted the social media platform will be completely video-based within 5 years’ time. Each year, marketing videos have become more and more popular, indicating exponential growth. And the increase in popularity hasn’t caused a downturn in success. As more content is filmed, people are watching at the same or increasing rate, showing that it is more than just a trend: it is a strategy for the long haul.

3)It’s easier than ever

With so much content out there, it must be difficult to jump in and hang with the best, right? Wrong! (sorry, didn’t mean to yell at you) Chances are, if you have an iPhone, you’ve got most of the ingredients needed. A few simple tools and some sound advice on lighting and editing will put you on the path to creating quality content. However, if you are looking for the assurance of a more experienced touch, plenty of agencies, (like us!) can plan, execute, and deliver great work.

4)Video can tell people who you are, fast!

In using marketing or social media videos, a new customer or client can find out everything they need to know about who you in a way that’s quicker, easier, and more fun than ever before! People can see your vision, learn your values, and get a strong sense of your brand’s identity all in a few moments. And once you’ve engaged with your audience, more videos can be used to share new information, content, and ideas so the world can keep up with all of your exciting plans.

5)Video can give your brand a voice

A video lets the world see who you are and hear your voice. From this, they can build a sense of trust and identity to associate with your product and brand. Video content can engage with people emotionally, and really pull on their heartstrings. A strong video not only tells everyone about you and your passion; it shows them, and this heart-level connection can make a huge difference in engaging followers and consumers with your vision and brand.

Video marketing has gone from an idea reserved for expensive agencies to an important tool for promoting any brand. At first, this may seem like a time consuming and unnecessary strategy. But if done well, video marketing can be a great way to share your vision with a broader audience and show everyone what you have to offer.

Chips Ahoy! Spreading Positivity on Twitter

Chips Ahoy! are no strangers to making people smile. The crunchy cookies sure bring us a fair amount of joy at RPS! But yesterday, their brand found another way to spread happiness, through the combined powers of Twitter and kindness:

And they did. Hundreds and hundreds of compliments, each one personalized to the recipient. Some were based on recent tweets, others surmised from profile pictures.

This impressive display of commitment on social media reveals just what can happen when a brand puts the direct advertising of the product on hold for the sake of keeping it real. The only immediate benefit for Chips Ahoy! is a touch of brand awareness. In the meantime, we all received some extra good vibes for the end of the week! Even Wendy’s, which is already legendary for its authentic, sassy attitude on Twitter, received a little love:

Whether or not retweets actually start customers on the road to purchasing more cookies is unmeasured, but the activity certainly generated healthy conversation around Chips Ahoy!

Some of the best social media marketing can happen by simply having something relevant to say. In our recent blog post on “Keeping it Real in 2019,” we discussed how brands can grow their awareness by putting calls-to-action (CTAs) on hold to engage with comments, users, and existing conversations without necessarily needing to mention the product.

However, Chips Ahoy! has managed to use a CTA to create massive engagement while still being personable, with a recognizable sense of brand authenticity. It shows that, if today’s brands can carry themselves with real human personality, the response can be awesome!

Edit: Chips Ahoy! was so nice they even tossed us a shoutout for the blog post you’re reading right now.

Keeping it Real in 2019

New social media trends seemingly pop up every week, and some of them will define the way marketing happens online this year, and for years to come –  2019 is a new frontier for the industry, and we could not be more excited to discover what’s next.

In order to help you prepare for what this year has in store, we’ve decided to spend the first month of the year talking about what we see as upcoming movements in social media marketing. We hope you enjoy!

Keeping it Real

It may be surprising to learn that something like keeping it real ever went out of style in the first place. When we think of organic social content, being authentic sounds like it’s almost implied. However, 2018 (and even 2017) tells a different story.

With the popularization of phrases like “fake news” and multiple scandals relating to breaches in trust between Facebook and its users, the common social media user is more cynical towards targeted marketing than ever before. Soley creating engagement with good old-fashioned online advertising is not going to cut it in 2019.

A more “human” approach

As the pendulum swings in an opposite direction, brands that want to stay on the cutting edge of content creation are turning to authenticity as a strategy. With prospective followers and customers at such distrust with brands, recapturing the interest and loyalty of the internet is happening by way of connection that feels, and sometimes even is, more one-on-one.

And this isn’t just a prediction (RPS is a lot of things, but psychic is not one of them). In 2017, Chick-fil-a discontinued its beloved chicken-salad from the menu. However, as a parting gift to fans, they publicized the recipe for free, giving fans the chance to relive their favorite fast food option from home

On Twitter, successful brands have found the perfect forum for taking a more authentic approach, puting personality first. Wendy’s success in this sphere has become the stuff of legend:


When it comes to your social game this year, taking the lead from examples like this will be crucial. The initial goals of generating sales from an online brand is simply not going to fly with the aware Facebooker. Giving people something relatable and human is where it’s at in 2019, and, as people who love digital marketing, we’re cool with that.

Authenticity and your brand:

Put your Calls-to-Action on hold.

People know when they’re being sold something. They can see a pitch from a mile away. It makes a lot of social media users uncomfortable and even agitated. Throwing a call to action on top of everything in your feed isn’t helping that awkward feeling. Instead, try a different conversation, one that isn’t all about selling. Adidas has found success in creating content geared towards keeping a positive attitude, creativity, and even social-conscious messaging.

Engage with comments

Your followers will talk about you, and they’ll do it in the comment feed. Don’t make the mistake of being “holier than thou” when it comes to having some back and forth down in the comments section. Answering questions, joining the conversation, and having a little fun shows everyone your company isn’t just a logo with a bottom line. Your brand has as much of a voice as you let it.

Leave clickbait in 2018

Merriam-Webster defines clickbait as “something (such as a headline) designed to make readers want to click on a hyperlink especially when the link leads to content of dubious value or interest.” We define it as an ironically bad strategy for getting engagement online.

We’re not just talking about articles with headlines like “She hired Rock Paper Simple! You’ll never believe what happened next!” Any content posted solely for the purpose of getting engagement runs the risk of disappearing into a cluster of trapdoor links. What your brand says should transcend your statistical goals.

Be honest.

Was there a mistake? Own it. Did you fail to meet expectations? Engage with feedback. Need help planning your next move? Publish a survey. The theme here is to give your followers a sense their thoughts, suggestions, and points of view add value to the evolution of your brand. This requires much more work than a passive advertising approach, but in the long run, when your followers remember who you are alongside what you do, it’s an investment that will pay off.  

What You Need to Know: Voice Search and SEO

Voice search has given mobile users a sense of convenience that was once thought to be nothing more than science fiction. As smartphone users, we are a mere flex of the thumb away from the full force of the internet. So, what impact does this have on how users find you?

The numbers are not surprising —  40% of adults perform at least one voice search per day. Younger users perform more (like, way more). It’s powerful, it’s accessible, and it’s changing the way people write web content.

One of the most attractive aspects of voice search is its encouragement for users to be conversational. It would make sense the way our voice searches sound are quite different from how our written searches look in the browser bar. Most people simply do not talk the way they write, and websites that want popular voice search traffic have taken this into account.

The reason behind this change is related to SEO (search engine optimization). When searching for something on Google, results are shown based on the quality of links, and the way content is written on the webpages. So, sites compete to grab the highest rank by creating content with more relevant keywords and topics.

From here, we can see where voice search could easily be an important factor when creating content. If the keywords you use to attract visitors to your site are versatile enough to be spoken in a voice search, you’ll have an edge in the ever-changing, competitive world of SEO.

So, what are some practical steps you can start taking today in order to improve your site’s response to voice search?

Well, we’re glad you asked.

Start writing with voice search in mind.

As mentioned before, we do not speak the way we write. That said, when it comes to generating traffic from voice searches, it’s becoming more and more important to write the way we speak. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to toss out that writer’s voice you’ve developed. It also doesn’t mean you need to ditch the tone you’ve developed for your brand. It would just be helpful to have Siri and Alexa in mind when selecting keywords and major talking points. Think about being casual and conversational. If your goal to answer a question, how would that question be phrased if it were being asked in person?

Leverage the virtual assistant element.

There’s a ton of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it’s impact is easily seen on devices that employ voice searches – with each conversation the AI adjusts and gets, well, more intelligent.

Just answer the question.

Voice searches are question based. Go back to the 5W’s and H you learned in high school. The most searched phrases are “who…”, followed by “how…”. Solid voice search-friendly sites always have an FAQs page, affording the perfect opportunity to answer those questions that searchers will be seeking. Think like your audience and provide the answers to their questions.

Just like real estate, voice searches are local

Voice searches for “__(noun)___ near me” are up 130% year-over-year. Now, incorporating the right keywords is essential to being found in these local searches, but don’t go crazy stuffing your web content with this intent. Instead, your content should contain descriptions of local relevance, and your page titles and meta descriptions should incorporate location keywords.

Make sure your site plays nicely with mobile devices.

Just because you’ve talked someone into visiting your site does not mean you’ve capitalized on their business. Ease of use on phone browsers is just as important as drawing in traffic. Make sure you’ve got a mobile version that works well and is easy to navigate for your visitors. Part of this comes from design, and part has to do with speed. According to Google, 29% of those searching with smartphones will move on from a site if the needed info is not immediately available or if they have to wait too long for loading. And 40% of online shoppers will only wait as little as three seconds. So, much like a single woman in her 30s, mobile users know what they want, and don’t like to take things slow.

Spruce up your Google My Business listing.

This one is easy! When customizing your listing, Google provides all kinds of helpful tips for making your site as relevant and accessible as possible. Some of these include adding photos, marking out your location, and working on optimizing your description for SEO.

Bottom line, businesses can no longer discount the impact voice search has on their ability to be found. The information superhighway is broad, and unlike the Harlem Shake, voice search not a fad.

Confused about how to leverage voice searches on your current website? The team at Rock Paper Simple would love to answer your questions, assist in updating your site, or create an entirely new voice-search optimized site for your business. Please give us a call or contact us here.


RPS: Small Business Champions!


A wise person once said “accolades are awesome” … okay, maybe no one said that verbatim. But seriously, who doesn’t like a little recognition every now and then?

At Rock Paper Simple we are focused on our clients and helping them achieve their goals, so much that we don’t often pause to give ourselves a pat on the back. This past week the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce recognized Rock Paper Simple as the 2018 Small Business Champion award winner. And it feels great, not because we like applause but because of the depth this award represents.


“The enemy of great is good” … someone famous really did say that one. But it’s true. Rock Paper Simple wants to achieve greatness for our clients and stopping at good closes the door to greatness. We are constantly adapting and improving, and it’s intentional.

Impact on Our Community

Our desire to see Brevard County be its best is not a secret. It’s why our core values include Community. Giving back isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s our responsibility. It sounds cliché, but it’s what we truly believe.

The Team Component

RPS is better together. Period. The element of Teamwork is another RPS core value and it’s rare to have an encounter or meeting with just one of the RPS team – we travel in packs. We bring out the best in each other and it shows in our efforts and output.

Our Corporate Culture

It’s okay to say it because we know you’re thinking it… We’re Awesome.  We know. But we don’t say that out of arrogance, but instead out of knowing we are subject-area experts using our talents and abilities for the betterment of businesses and society. And, don’t worry, we only use our powers for good.

Fifteen other businesses were in the running in our same category – great small businesses with similar goals to serve clients and do good in the community. As they say, it was an honor just to be nominated (okay, that was kind of cliché.)

Basically, this award is a pat on the back for the hard work, the late nights and early mornings, the determination to not stop at “good enough” on behalf of our clients. We would be remiss (that’s a fancy way of saying careless) if we didn’t thank the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce for the award and our clients and our community who have supported us along this adventure. This recognition honors who we are and what we have built, and we are extremely humbled by the acknowledgement.

Launch of our brand new Rock Paper Simple website!! [video]

A couple of weeks ago we quietly launched our brand new website with the plans of doing our big announcement at our March Hangout!! The whole team is excited to make our big announcement! When you’re a digital marketing agency, it can be hard to find time to launch your own work… but we managed to find the time and here it is!

We have invested countless hours into it… so to celebrate it’s launch, we invited a whole bunch of our colleagues, friends and clients to join us to paaarty! Check out our launch video below and click around to explore this brand new website!

Brevard Family Partnership Lip Sync Battle 2017

We’ve put together a Rock Paper Simple team (and friends!) for Brevard Family Partnership’s Lip Sync Battle and will be performing Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer… as Bon Jovi! We are going all-out, buying (and making) costumes and props, meeting after work to practice, playing the song on endless loop (Joe is going to lose his mind, I’m sure of it!)… now we need YOUR HELP!

This is a fundraiser for Brevard Family Partnership, an amazing organization that believes that “All children deserve to live in safe, nurturing homes where they can feel valued and loved.”.

So how can you help? We need you to buy a seat or two or ten… come support us, and in so doing give back to our incredible community by supporting BFP and the families they serve. You can even have your company sponsor the event! The event in October 21st at 7pm.

We seriously can’t do this without you. It’s more than a fun evening where you get to see Dale Dupree, Scott EllerJoe SmithBrian Hawkins and myself rock out in 80’s garb… it’s coming together as a community and making a difference. So come on… “take my hand, we’ll make it I swear!!!” Let’s DO THIS!

How you can help:

Brevard Family Partnerships: Working in concert with over 70 community partners and providers, Brevard Family Partnership manages and has oversight of child abuse prevention programs, foster care, child adoptions, independent living services for youth aging out of foster care, and family services for residents of Brevard County, FL. It is their mission to protect children, strengthen families and change lives through the prevention of child abuse and the operation and management of a comprehensive, integrated, community-based system of care for abused, abandoned and neglected children and their families. Learn more at www.brevardfp.org.

What does it mean to build a Marketing-Focused website?

When it comes to this question, you should really be asking yourself why you have a website in the first place. Why is this website important? For most of you, your ultimate goal is sales. Some websites may have other goals such as generating leads or subscribers, but eventually we all want those leads to convert into sales.

A Marketing-Focused website should be able to help you accomplish those goals. Take a look at The 7 Steps and you will find the “SIMPLE” approach to ensuring our clients’ have a Marketing-Focused website. Once you have decided what your goal for this website is, you should start thinking about what you are offering your customers and why they need it. It is important to know why your potential customer needs your product/service because this is what will make them convert.

Once you have your website goal, offer, and benefit down, it’s time to start thinking about who your target audience is. When you aim for everyone, you’ll get next to no one. It is important to focus your marketing efforts on a niche group of people who are most likely to purchase your product/service. Once you have this niche group in mind, create content for your website that speaks to this group.

Make sure your website looks great, is user-friendly, and is easy to navigate, so that your audience has no problem making a purchase, subscribing to your blog, or contacting you. Now when your audience gets to your website and sees how AWESOME it is, you have to give them a way to convert. After all, this is what you want, right?

When you have a Marketing-Focused website that helps you reach your goals, it’s important to implement analytics to track all of your efforts. You will want to make sure you’re tracking who is coming to your website, how they found your website, how many times they visited your website, and if they didn’t convert… why not? Did they have trouble finding information on your website? Was there a problem in the shopping cart? Were you asking for too much information? These are all potential reasons why a visitor to your site did not convert. Find out why and fix the problem.

This last part may seem like the hardest part (Ugh… Analytics!), but the team here at Rock Paper Simple has your back and can help you with this entire process.

Having a Marketing-Focused website means you have a website that has a purpose. You want a website your visitors enjoy using. You want a website that shows visitors what your brand is. You want a website that converts those visitors into long-term fans AKA customers. The more your site’s visitors enjoy using your website, the more likely they are to return to your site and recommend your site to a friend. This means… More Sales!

Is your website serving its purpose? If not, the RPS team loves everything marketing, so if you have any questions we’d love to hear from you. Schedule a free consultation or give us a call!